April 10th, 2020, Limpopo

We invited you to celebrate our wedding


Herbert Phala

Our aim is to create life experiences through travelling the various parts of the world as it widens our knowledge and horizon. We spend most of our days enjoying sun sets with our close friends and family.


Lebo Phala

Our marriage marks the beginning a life well lived

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Friday 10 April, 2020

Traditional Wedding

Saturday 11 April, 2020


  • Ntsikelelo Kubeka

    Best Man

    Growing up I tended to make friends with those I shared common interests; and when I met Herbert almost a decade ago I certainly believed we could be more than colleagues/associates because of the interests we shared. A decent and principled guy with a love of good things in life and happy friendships.

  • Mpho Makgata

    Best Man 2

    If asked to describe my relationship with the groom; I can attest to the say that "family is not only those that you have a blood relation with". The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of joy in each other's lives.
    The past 12 years have been filled up with tons of laughts, sharing of wisdom and great friendship with the groom. The cheerful moments we continue to share cannot even be compared to the sweetest candy you can find...Wish you the best in your marriage my brother.

  • Cedric Phasha


    It was two decades ago when I met Herbert during our 1st year at Tertiary Institution. We became friends cause they were few Pedi speaking people in our class. Our friendship grew to brother hood level where we even shared a room and food during our difficult times. After our school tenure we grew to become family friends and colleagues. I so wish you and your future wife the best in your marriage. I'm honored to be one of your groomsmen.

  • Oupa Phelane


    How i know this fellow, we happen to be staying in the same complex and i bumped into him outside his house to give him compliments of his beautiful house , yerrr kante di man ke mopedi from my village and we started talking for hours until i introduce him to my family and he did same and his lovely wife welcomed us into her life too with both hands , all is history now because we are now close family and our wives are also very closer , I'm happy to know this fellow kere monyadi wa rena his a lovely soul who honour and appreciate friendships alot and i have grown alot in general ever since i met him , i feel honoured and privileged to be their groomsman and i'm trilled for you my brother and your lovely wife for your marriage ceremonials to be experienced ko Limpopo washa

  • Babsy Monoge


    As we all know that family is important and its center should hold like branches of a tree to its stem, yet our roots should remain the same. I never met Herbert in my life, I just realized him next to me as we grew up from our childwood till today. In short myself and Herbert grew up together from childhood up to tertiary level, since well we are cousins. All I can say about Herbet is that, he is a brother,friend,mentor and lastly a family to me.I wish them all the best in their marriage



  • Tebogo Marope

    Matron of honor

    Lebo and I met way back, actually I stole her from my husband. I took an instant liking to her and we created an immediate bond.
    We have some commonalities, we may come across as quite and reserved but with the right company and energies good luck with keeping us quite.
    I am in such awe of the woman she has grown into!! This one is a warrior!! Diligent, conscientious, go-getter, ingenious, steadfast that’s who she is!! Her creative mind can’t be ignored.
    It’s been an honor to do this life journey with Lebo and learn from her. This one is my ninja!!

  • Dineo Phelane


    arlie (Ohh sorry I call her Darlie coz that who she is to me, Darling) and I met through our Hubsters and I don’t regret the day I said Yes to our friendship, she’s one person you can depend on and when she loves she loves with all her heart ❤
    I have quite few special moments with her but there’s this one that will stay in my heart for as long as I live, when we travel together to Paris ohhhhhhh that was super exciting for both of us, so I was very scared at first in the plane ✈️ buzy complaining about leaving my kids behind and asking her “mmata what if we die meaning we won’t see our kids anymore and they’ll be left confused as to what happened to our parents as we were with our rides or die( Husbands) she then said to me , My friend nna I’m glad I’m sharing this experience with you and should we die, we will die together ) for me that was thee moment.
    I will always love and appreciate you Mmata.

  • Keneilwe Kubeka


    Lebo *My Doll* and I met many moons ago😊, shortly before baby Blu was born. We were introduced by our partners who at the time had already forged a brotherhood. Normally that would create some sort of presure for us ladies to be friends or at least click right? That actually wasn't the case, I personally took a liking to the introverted Lebo, she was someone of a few words, calm and generaly a nice person. Overtime Doll and I grew a friendship that is today a Sisterhood. She has been my unpaid therapists, unpaid events planner, my on and off fun gym partner but most importantly for all the time we've spent together, we have had truckloads of good times. It's trully a Blessing to have *My Doll* in my life and I'm so excited for the memories we are yet to make together.
    *I love you to bits My Doll*

  • Edith Makgata


    Madam is my friend since 2009, I meet her because of her husband. First when I meet her she was series not approachable at all. After sometimes meeting her I realise what a wonderful and charismatic person she is. She is a go getter, she is not afraid of anything. Today she is a professional Chef photography and wedding planner. She is more creative and innovative, Madam like swimming cooking and travelling. We have good memoriestogether, we travel together with our families, we visit each other and we went to Maputo lockdown and have fun together. She is openness for a variety of experiences; she is always conscientiousness planning ahead. She is energetic and talkative in a nice way. And she is sympathetic and kind happy to help other people, She is a damn good cook.

  • Lucrecia Maabane


    Lebza and I met in 1998 at Fetakgomo high,I was scooling there & she was a visitor...there was a sports competition,Lebza came to photoshoot all the activities that was taking place that day...she was so cute & innocent that time..I asked her if she could be my friend 😝she just giggled ..it was on Friday. .Monday morning her sister brought a 2 page letter from her saying that she accepted a friend request...then our friendship started rolling till Lebo move to PTA in 2000... Late 2001 we found each other again in PTA that's where our friendship took the next & exciting step,we became family because she was also so close to my Lil sis...to cut the story short.. Memories:We used to share a single bed re le 3 with Lil sister,I remember the other day there was no food we had bananas for breakfast till supper but it was so good because we were still innocent & life was just so great
    Lebo is a very great person,ga mashata & she don't love competition that's what I like most about her..

  • Hilda Mnguni


    Lebo and I grew up together and we are sisters ,we have been very closed since we were young.she used to come to visit us in Daveyton every school holidays and we had fun together .memories with her we used to share a bed with my sister thembi and will sleep midnight buzzy gossiping she will laugh and laugh until my dad says please guys sleep I'm going to work tomorrow. We used to go to different school but studying together ,building each other as sisters.
    Lebo is the humblessed and sweetest person I have ever meet,I can write a book about her .....

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